A reminder that body content is important for search engine rankings

A reminder that body content is important for search engine rankings

When you are developing content for a website and implementing proper SEO practices there are many elements to consider. But lets just get back to very very basics here and discuss a few of the major on page elements that Google are looking for as them crawl a page and determine how it should rank. Starting from a top down approach, the page titles, meta descriptions, body content, header elements, bold content (not as important as in the past) and keyword density all make a difference in how Google determine the relevance of your page (not including coding structure which is more complex or considering backlinks which is an off page element). All of these elements combined are taken into account in some way to help determine what your web pages are all about and for what keywords they will rank.

Quite often a page of content will contain the required keywords in only some but not all of the elements listed above. Many inexperienced content developers still believe that the title and meta descriptions are the major elements that need to include the appropriate keywords and this is not proper SEO practice. If the rest of the body content is not written properly to include the keywords that a page is supposed to be ranking for in the correct elements, there is a far higher chance that a competing page that is correctly structures will rank much better. The body content is far more important in my experience than the titles and meta descriptions, although together all of these elements will combine to provide Google and other search engines the required information to allow a page to rank well for the correct niche keywords.

Now there are a great many other ranking signals that Google, Bing and Yahoo are looking for when they analyse a site or page of content. But starting with the very basics elements of what is actually contained within the page content itself will provide the foundations that are needed for overall SEO performance. If the content of the page is not correct, it is extremely difficult for that page to get the search engine exposure that is needed for the keywords the content writers are expecting to rank for. Matt Cutts, the head of the Google search spam team has highlighted this in a recent video he has termed a “public service announcement”. Ignoring the basics of search engine optimisation (remember the part of that term – “optimisation”) will hinder the performance of any web page or overall website and will reduce the potential for your content to be seen by people who are searching for it.

So when you are developing content for your website, remember that everything combined in all major elements of a web page including the body content is important for search engine rankings. If the content that a user sees on the page itself does not include your major keywords, search engines most likely won’t show that content when people are searching for the subject you are trying to rank for.

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