Google Rolls Out Updated Panda 4.0 Algorithm

Google Rolls Out Updated Panda 4.0 Algorithm

mattcuttstweetpanda4It’s been a big few days for Google with the Pay Day Loans 2.0 algorithm update and also a full blown update to the Panda algorithm which now sees us at version 4.0. A tweet from the head of the Google Web Spam Team Matt Cutts confirmed this. Google had previously stopped updating the public on it’s Panda updates but this a full update, not just the monthly refreshes we have been seeing recently. The last known previously confirmed Panda update was March 15th 2013 so this latest conformation comes over a year after the last.

This new Panda update will see ~7.5% of english search queries being affected which is quite a substantial impact. Other languages will see varying degrees of search queries being affected. There has been a lot of chatter in some of the bigger webmaster forums recently with suspicions that Google has been testing some sort of algorithm change. There has also been rumour of a softening of the impact that Panda had previously had on many sites. There has been no confirmation from Google of what the most recent changes are but we will keep an ear to the ground so we can see who the winners and losers are from the Panda 4.0 algorithm update.


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